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Why Fall and Winter May Be the Best Times to Buy?
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Focus on Fall and Winter, Not Spring and Summer.

“Timing is everything.” You’ve probably heard it and said it. It’s a well-known expression used regularly and repeat- edly by many different people in a wide range of contexts and environments
to express the idea that timing is im- portant, even critical. And there’s good reason, because it’s a true and valid statement that can be applied to so many situations.

In the real estate world, how does this expression apply? Particularly for buyers, how and why is timing important in the home-search process? And how can you identify and take advantage of good timing? According to an article on Inc.com, “tim- ing is merely a function of finding the right balance between supply and de- mand and these are merely techniques for accomplishing that goal… You can afford to get a lot of other things wrong if you get your timing right.”Now, if you’ve found and hired a great real estate agent to guide you through the home.

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