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Neutralize Your Home.
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Looking to Sell?

In looking to sell a home quickly and as painlessly as possible, the home seller must go through a process of removing the owner’s (or tenants’) presence from the house. This process is known in the real estate industry as “neutralization.”

A more appropriate moniker for neutral- ization is “depersonalizing.” Essentially, your goal is to remove the identity of
the home so that potential home buyers can picture their future in the homewithout the “thumbprints” from previous occupants. How does one go about neutralizing the home? Easier said than done. There are even limits to neutraliz- ing a home. If you go too far, your home may appear cold and foreign to poten- tial home buyers and they may have difficulty envisioning just what each room’s purpose is (or could be). Let’s look at the topics and nuances that can influence buyers to say “yes” to your house and close as soon as possible.


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