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Mechanical Maintenance is a Must.
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When you’re selling a home, it’s im- portant that you not overlook the basic systems.

When people are looking at a home, they don’t expect to find leaky pipes, a non-working furnace, or elec- trical outlets that pop a breaker as soon as something is plugged into an outlet. These and other issues like mold, a leaky roof, or stained and damaged carpet will generally turn off a buyer, regardless of how amazing the kitchen and bathrooms may be. Some of these, especially less visible issues like an ag- ing furnace or water heater, may seem like a waste of money if you’re planning to sell soon, but they’re actually critical- ly important.

A buyer may not notice such issues on an initial walk-through. But even if an offer is made and accepted, that’s not necessarily the end of the story. Appraisers and inspectors will almost certainly come through the home as part of the process, and either of these can derail a sale. An appraiser will notice such aging equipment and other factors like old carpet and flooring and adjust the home’s value based on the current market.


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